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           1 01/13/2019 19:21:10      
miniTV Buttons for Clr79834R-E4 by FTE Greece


   Hi I'm using these clr79834r-e4 programmable remotes to replace an original TV remote and an original DTT/Sat remote to my customers.

By using only one r/c for both devices, this helps my customers to use the basic fuctions of the tv set like on/off,vol +and- AV etc and select tv channels from the main buttons of the r/c.The problem is that when we select DTT/SAT, those basic functions of the TV quick buttons on the top frame of the r/c with the name TV are not working properly.For example when we press vol+ the tv reiceves vol-, power on-off ->vol+,vol- ->ch-,ch+->ch+,ch- ->AV,AV -> poweron/off. Please inform me if there is any solution for this missmach of those miniTV frame Buttons.