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           1 01/23/2017 19:57:09      
Need code for a Pioneer HDD-DVD DVR-560HX


I have a PIONEER HDD-DVD   model DVR-560HX  with a remote control VXX3331.  The Up,Down, Left, Right, OK buttons have now broken. I purchased the Digitech 6 in 1 Remote control. My PC is still running on Windows 7 and the packing of the remote control states that it is compatible with Windows 7. After installing the software CD, I searched for my Pioneer HDD-DVD and that device and model is not listed. I updated the software to in order to obtain a more up-to-date database, the progress bar reached 100% but it put an error "File transferit Error!try again".  So I have no idea if the database was updated. Please advise.

As I could not find the correct code, I tried to place the remote in a "Learn" mode. My broken remote transmitted a code but since several of the keys are broken, I cannot transmit the corresponding codes for the broken keys for the universal remote to learn.

Please advise what to do.

Thank you