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           1 10/23/2013 19:30:28      
New programmer based on smart phone will be available

CLT7930 is a smart remote used in smart phone and tablet PC. It is composed of an adaptor installed in the audio port of smart phone or tablet PC, and APP(see right photo). It's developed from Longer programmabel remote control. Its main characteristic is to separate remote control hardware from remote code data. Basic function contains IR learning, IR transmitting and remote database search.

  • Learning function is very powerful. Carrier range is 0-120KHz.
  • Transmitting function is very powerful. It can replace near all of the original remote control.
  • Make PC and smart phone/Tablet PC to be a universal remote control.
  • Use smart phone/tablet PC to program Longer programmable remote control.
  • Connecting PC, it can be used to make leaning, search and manage database, as well as the programmer to program Longer PRC.
  • Powerful database. Including more than 400,0000pcs models of all devices in the world.

Based on this system, it can be customized in many area, such as smart home.

           2 03/01/2015 18:16:49      

     Is any android app available?