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           1 07/27/2013 23:25:29      
Learned & Coded on Windows Vista
First i run clurc IR   USB and all was OK .
After a time , when i try to learn even simple codes as classic Philips 3010 remote IC chip the software
become unable to do "coded" and display only "learned " succesfuly beside display red sign .
Now i can not finish any "coded" key .
I try using antivirus , reinstaling pcv_v4.1.0.45 but no way to "code" ant remote control key .
The single unique result is "learned" .
The "message "coded" never apear .
Apear only "learned" .
In learned mode the software use a large of memory and offten at the end of the session display: "memory empty".
Please help me .
How can i sestore to use this funtion as earlier work fine .I want to "code" some IR remote control .
I do not want to "learned" function .
As i saw even the simple Philips simplest 3010 chip do only "Learned" and the sign apear in read color not in green color.
Thank you .
* The USB IR interface is fine , was testet to onother windows 7 PC and work fine.
The problem is on Windows Vista .
Anny sugestions ?
           2 03/21/2014 00:03:46      
Do you tried to change operating system to Windows XP ?
On my PC with Windows XP SP3  the IR version of the software working just fine !